KuuHaku' is a bot has many features like Music Player, AI Chat, Moderator, Welcome Goodbye greeting, Logging, Costum prefix, etc. If you want to know more, please invite this bot to your server and enjoy it's features.


AI Chat

Chat with bot. English and Indonesian are available


High Quality Music

We've been set it to the highest quality music for the best experience.


Available On Discord Bots List

This bot is available in any Discord Bots List.

About KuuHaku'

『 』 (Kūhaku, lit. "blank") is the online game username and account shared by Sora (空) and Shiro (白). It has became an urban legend in the real world for holding the top score of over 280 games without having any recorded losses or defeats. After Sora and Shiro were called to Disboard by Tet, they used the name to refer to themselves, and the urban legend became a legend.